The Dream

Back in 1992, Cruises International was nothing more than a dream. The dream; was to create a company which would specialise in the promotion of cruise holidays. The cruise industry back then was just starting on a journey of rejuvenation, re-invention and creativity. New ships were emerging offering lifestyle and activity options which were only available on land. Destinations were gearing to accept large ships and their guests to their shores. And consumers were, largely unaware of this great holiday option.

At the same time, prices were coming down making a cruise affordable to most travellers. Ships were starting to be transformed to “floating resorts”, catering for younger individuals and families. Armed with passion and a determined to make cruise holidays available to everyone, Cruises International was founded.

Today, over 28 years later, Cruises International is the largest and most successful company in its industry on our continent.

A portfolio of 9* “best in their class” brands cater for any lifestyle, aspiration and budget. From our purposely designed offices in St. Andrews in Johannesburg and with consultants located in all major centers, a team of highly dedicated, professional and passionate “cruise experts”, offer support and guidance to our travel trade partners, corporate and leisure clients.

Let Cruises International show you why a cruise holiday is “Like no Vacation on Earth”!

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