Seasoned world travelers are drawn to Oceania Cruises’ diverse voyages, which call on more than 400 ports across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, and the Americas. Spacious and elegant accommodations aboard the 684-guest Regatta, Insignia, Nautica, Sirena and the 1,250-guest Marina and Riviera invite guests to explore the world in unparalleled comfort and style. With Oceania’s newest addition to the fleet, Vista is a marvel in the making and will deliver The Finest Cuisine at Sea® which the brand is known for but will also offer exceptionally personalized service with two staff members for every three guests, a warm and welcoming ambiance as a result of the ship’s captivating residential furnishings, and introduce several unique firsts for the brand in the realms of dining and guest experiences.

Each of our voyages is an invitation to discover your next travel story and reignite your passions. Experience faraway places that you have always dreamed of. Encounter new ways of looking at the world and travel to the far corners of the globe.

Savor your experience with imaginative insider tours that immerse you in the heart of the destination’s culinary and cultural traditions. Thousands of reasons – one passion. There are as many reasons to travel as there are travelers in this world. It’s your turn to embrace your passion for travel with Oceania Cruises.

Oceania Cruises will provide the highest quality cruise product for mature and discerning travelers by offering the finest culinary experience at sea, authentic destination experiences, and a warm and luxurious ambiance on every voyage. Combining a casually sophisticated onboard experience with the most alluring destinations around the world, we provide our guests with a truly extraordinary travel experience.

Your World From a New Perspective



The Finest Cuisine at Sea™


It’s the finest at sea because we select only the best ingredients and the most talented chefs from around the globe. From Castilla-La Mancha saffron to French flour custom-milled to our specifications, our artisanal ingredients echo the dedication poured into every dish.

In galleys evoking those in Michelin-starred restaurants, our gifted chefs create absolute culinary masterpieces. Come aboard and savour cuisine renowned as the finest at sea.

As you sail from one captivating destination to the next, Oceania Cruises’ commitment to culinary excellence shines from beginning to end. Garnering countless accolades, our gourmet culinary program begins with sourcing premium artisanal ingredients from around the world, from prized Castilla-La Mancha saffron to fine French flour custom-milled to our exact specifications. Our spacious state-of-the-art galleys, akin to those in Michelin-starred restaurants, are appointed with only the finest cutting-edge culinary equipment. Of course, our distinguished chefs, selected from the world’s best restaurants, are the true masters behind the magic of our cuisine.

Every recipe has been proudly crafted by our talented and innovative team, and each dish is a study in age-old culinary technique and tradition. Regardless of where you may dine or what you choose to order, you will experience the luxury of cuisine renowned as the finest at sea aboard Oceania Cruises.

A Variety Of Distinctive open-seating Restaurants

Regardless of which of our gourmet restaurants you select, there are no surcharges with our 5-star cruise dining experiences.

Enjoy Toscana’s authentic Italian dishes, Polo Grill’s steakhouse fare, Red Ginger’s bold Asian flavours and French country cuisine at Jacques.

Savour Continental cuisine, regional specialties, Canyon Ranch cuisine and gourmet vegan dishes in The Grand Dining Room, and made-to-order American favourites in Terrace Café.

Gourmet cuisine curated by world-renowned Master Chef Jacques Pépin

As Oceania Cruises’ Executive Culinary Director since 2003, Master Chef Jacques Pépin has long inspired our award-winning culinary program, which is renowned for The Finest Cuisine at Sea™.

Master Chef Pépin is an internationally renowned chef, author of 30 cookbooks, and host of 13 PBS television series. He has served as personal chef to three French heads of state, including Charles de Gaulle, and is also the recipient of countless awards, including the American Public Television’s Lifetime Achievement Award and La Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest civilian honour.

In 2016, Master Chef Pépin and his closest family founded the Jacques Pépin Foundation to share Jacques’ passion for cooking and mastery of technique with economically disadvantaged individuals in order to encourage them to seek pathways of success through culinary professionalism.

An American Masters film chronicling his life, Jacques Pépin: The Art of Craft, debuted on PBS in May of 2017 and his most recent book, A Grandfather’s Lessons: In the Kitchen with Shorey, features him cooking with his granddaughter and was published in 2017.

Epicurean enrichment programs

immersive Culinary Discovery Tours™

In the world’s most fascinating destinations – Our exclusive Culinary Discovery Tours™ on Marina and Riviera bring you an insider’s experience of the local culinary culture and regional cuisine during your day ashore.

Tour traditional markets dine at renowned restaurants and then hone your skills at The Culinary Center.

Wherever you’re dreaming of traveling, Oceania Cruises connects you to the local food scene and ultimate destination dining with these chef-led culinary experiences.

Intimate, luxurious ships


Once you sail on one of our luxurious ships, you will never settle for anything less, nor will you ever again be satisfied with anything more regarding size. Larger ships simply cannot provide the pronounced intimacy, and personalized vacation experience for which Oceania Cruises has become renowned. Our ships cater to just 684 pampered guests on Regatta, Insignia, Nautica and Sirena and 1,250 privileged guests on Marina and Riviera. Warmth and conviviality come naturally. Elegance and grace are givens. The ambiance is exceptionally relaxed and personal as we singularly focus on your individual desires. Consequently, service standards soar, guests easily develop a rapport with staff and fellow guests, and the friendships only deepen as the days pass effortlessly.


Ideally proportioned, our ships can slip into boutique ports off-limits to larger vessels. Of course, the intimate size of our ships also positively influences every aspect of the onboard experience. With no need to rush, stand in endless lines or worry about crowds, you can savour the defining elements that make our ships so special. Our cuisine, renowned as the finest at sea, is carefully prepared à la minute. Appointments for spa services are readily available in the relaxing Canyon Ranch® Spa. A comfortable chaise always awaits should you decide to lounge by the pool. Going ashore and returning on board takes minutes rather than hours. Life just seems to proceed at a more courteous pace. The differences are sizeable, noticeable and so refreshing.

Exceptional personalized service


Our ships boast an impressive staff-to-guest ratio, but it’s more than sheer numbers that elevates our personalized service into the sublime. Our staff genuinely cares about making you happy. Being of service comes naturally, a trait as innate as their unbridled enthusiasm. You can see it in their warm smiles and hear it in the sincere tone of their voices, as they zealously devote their full attention to fulfilling your wishes. Their commitment runs deep and never diminishes, no matter what the task.


Not everyone holds the impeccable credentials to join our award-winning staff. Only those who have distinguished themselves in the world’s finest hotels and most renowned restaurants will do. They are true professionals with the rare ability to fastidiously attend to every detail and magically anticipate your wishes. The ease with which they remember your name, preferences and wants borders on miraculous. Nowhere is this talent more evident than among the English-trained Butlers who meticulously care for guests in all our suites.

Country club casual ambiance


Isn’t it wonderful to feel welcome and comfortable when traveling? It makes the experience so much more enjoyable and encourages you to mingle with shipmates and to fully explore your ship and the exciting destinations visited. We have carefully selected the rich colour and texture of every fabric, the vibrant glow of every sconce and the plush cushion of each settee, designing each detail so that our ships naturally exude a warm, inviting ambiance imbuing everyone on board with a sense of elegance and comfort. You are instantly put at ease, and it’s so refreshingly casual and friendly that it’s like being in your own private country club where everyone knows your name.


This is elegance without pretence nor the need for tuxedos and evening gowns. This is a world where you can be yourself. The overwhelming sense of comfort and belonging seems to kindle geniality. Striking up conversations and making new friends becomes effortless. Meet over cocktails in Martinis and recount adventures ashore. Ask another couple to join you for a friendly game of cards. You will find it exceedingly easy to be sociable. Sometimes you may want nothing more than to relax by yourself. Take comfort in knowing that there are plenty of private retreats reserved just for you.



An entirely new concept in wellness that goes above and beyond the traditional spa. Offering guests the widest and most comprehensive array of rejuvenating treatments and healing therapies, along with gourmet Vitality Cuisine and plant-based dishes, Aquamar℠ encourages travellers to discover their best self, to live well, and to travel well.


The new Aquamar℠ Spa + Vitality Center has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your experience through an array of wellness encounters uniquely curated to encompass our hallmark offerings – The Finest Cuisine at Sea™, alluring destinations and our intimate and luxurious ships.


Much like the Mediterranean diet, which is renowned as one of the healthiest in the world, The Finest Cuisine at Sea™ is built around the freshest, highest-quality ingredients and whole foods. Extensive array of gourmet plant-based dishes in The Grand Dining Room aboard all ships. The most extensive menus at sea for breakfast, lunch and dinner with offerings to please every palate. Energizing breakfast options at the Raw Juice & Smoothie Bar at Waves Grill.


From ancient mineral baths outside of Rome to a traditional teahouse in Myanmar, our Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar offer exclusive excursions ashore that reveal timeless wellness practices of locales around the world. Alluring destinations, fascinating cultures and healthy living come together to create innovative and rejuvenating travel experiences. With more than 50 options, the tours featured here are only the beginning.


Take advantage of time during your Oceania Cruises voyage to focus on your wellness. Unwind, relax and reconnect with your inner balance. Explore our rejuvenating massages, body therapies, facials and more. 


Aquamar℠ Spa + Vitality Center provides you a blissful wellness retreat at sea that includes complimentary fitness classes and a state-of-the-art fitness center. From sunrise yoga on deck to boot camp to core conditioning, you are sure to find a class to suit your preferences. One-on-one personal training is also available, as is the latest exercise equipment, such as treadmills with heart-rate monitoring and LCD screens, strength-training machines and free weights. Marina and Riviera also feature a Kinesis® exercise wall.

Award-winning itineraries featuring more than
400 alluring destinations

Explore the world with unrivalled destination experiences.


Our cruises to Europe are an invitation to stroll traditional markets, discover hidden secrets and enjoy life like a local. Explore more boutique ports that offer unique travel experiences.

Whether you’re drawn to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe or the Baltic and Scandinavia, a Europe vacation with Oceania Cruises delves into the culture, history and cuisine of the Old World with more overnight visits and longer port stays.


Our tropical voyages bring you abundant sunshine, colorful cultures and an opportunity to escape from it all. Explore ancient Mayan ruins, relax on sun-kissed beaches, go snorkeling among a kaleidoscope of fish and discover the best of Aruba.

You can also cruise the Panama Canal, go trekking in the Amazon or immerse yourself in pulsating Rio de Janeiro. Even the dramatic Chilean Fjords, backed by majestic snow-capped peaks, are easily within reach.

From island getaways to vibrant adventures in Brazil and Argentina, our cruises to the Caribbean and South America bring you the best of the Tropics.


Sailing to the far corners of the globe, these exotic cruises call out to global travelers that seek to leave no stone unturned, often visiting ports of call inaccessible to larger ships.

From far-flung expeditions across Asia and Africa to dream journeys in the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, these voyages invite you to rediscover your wanderlust. Get lost amid the ornate pagodas of the Far East, retrace the steps of a revered samurai in Japan or encounter lemurs in the wilds of Madagascar.

Unforgettable experiences such as visiting a Maori village in New Zealand, observing the Big Five on an African safari and exploring the impossibly beautiful islands of French Polynesia also await.


These longer cruises encourage you to embrace the luxury of time and explore as much of the world as you wish. Spotlighting one region at length or highlighting multiple distinct regions, our Extended Journeys are the perfect answer to your thirst for discovery. For the adventure of a lifetime, our Around the World Cruises are impressive circumnavigations featuring countless UNESCO sites, stunning world wonders, many overnight ports and more.


As Destination Specialists, the experts at Oceania Cruises bring you the vast treasures of the world in a way that no one else can.

Calling on over 450 spectacular ports around the globe, our voyages invite you to discover the world as you’ve always dreamed. Travel to the most vibrant and renowned destinations with our intimate and luxurious ships, which call on smaller ports and remote harbours that larger vessels simply cannot.

With evening departures and more overnight stays, explore each fascinating location more fully.

Our expert team of Destination Specialists curate’s imaginative destination experiences in more than 450 awe-inspiring ports around the globe, inviting you to experience the unique essence of each as you sail the world.

In each of our ports, our shore excursions bring you original experiences designed for seasoned travellers seeking a slice of the local culture.

Whether you love active outdoor adventures, explorations that delve into the region’s fascinating history or experiences that offer a taste of the local cuisine and cultural traditions, our shore excursions will introduce you to the best of the destination.


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